—how do we swim with purpose?

Here's a simple proposal for you.

What if I were to suggest that—in order to respond deeply and intelligently to the state of the world, the 'meta-crisis' at hand, and to explore your own untapped potential in that context—what if I were to propose one simple intent that can effectively contain all the complexity of that aspiration?

I'm proposing that you develop a personal design practice.

Yes, I know, in our culture design is a thing professionals do, something you train for and get to claim social status for. That's not the kind of design I'm talking about.

I'm talking about design as a natural human impulse, a thing we often can't help doing, whether we know it or not. A quintessentially human creativity. A cognitive birthright.

We all have a design mind. Some of us have a deeper affinity for it, and easier access to it's joys and challenges. Some of us find it harder to understand, and don't necessarily respond positively to the word 'design'. This can be especially true if you've had exposure to some of our culture's worse interpretations of the design impulse.

I know most all of the understandable discomforts and perceptions that people commonly have around the idea of design. But I propose the idea earnestly all the same. I propose it with faith.

I propose the idea of developing a personal practice of this kind because I know firsthand the gentle, but very real, power of its application.

I have experienced how an enlightened design practice can untie the knots of complexity around making our lives more resilient, more adaptive to the state of the world, more humane and purposeful and generous, more congruent with ecological truth.

But, as I think you're beginning to suspect, this kind of personal design practice I'm proposing has not much in common with industrial models of professional design. It is, to this culture at least, a bit strange and maybe even illegible on the first pass.

But it does have a deep commonality with what I believe is an emerging, more truthful understanding of how life on this planet really works. An understanding that goes beyond scientific reductionism, and simplistic material rationalism (and so many other isms of our time.)

I could say so much more here, but I'll just invite you to explore deeper. Read the blog. Listen to the podcast, if you're so inclined. Lurk awhile, absorb the ideas. Or engage with us directly.

We are currently in a research and development phase, while we make our services the best they can be, and aren't yet taking clients. But if you love the material, don't hold back—get in touch, as I know there'll be benefits to us talking.

However you'd like to proceed, I welcome you here, and I'm curious about who you are. I hope we get to speak in person some time.

Take care,


Andy Wildman,
Founder of We Are Humans Project

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