Food gardening, soil, the kitchen and the pantry

They're all so tightly related...

Food gardening is usually considered a subject on its own, but we believe it is tightly inter-related with cooking and food storage, as well as soil and health.

Some of the publications below, such as Carol Deppe’s The Resilient Gardener, tackle all of them at once.  Others will focus more on the growing, or the cooking, or even cooking a particular thing.  In any case, we recommend studying all these things as one holistic subject.


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Deppe, Carol (2010): The resilient gardener. Food production and self-reliance in uncertain times /  Carol Deppe. White River Junction, Vt.: Chelsea Green Pub.

Solomon, Steve; Reinheimer, Erica (2012): The Intelligent Gardener. Growing Nutrient Dense Food. Gabriola Island: New Society Publishers.

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