House & land design

Home places for resilience and adaptation

What is this service?

Our homes can be a lot more than shelter and refuge.  They can support us on multiple levels, giving us stability, beauty, functionality as humans in the world; they can even provide our livelihoods, our nutrition, fitness, education, entertainment—the list goes on.

As projects for building resilience and adaptation, we like to remind people that homes are not the whole picture.  But they can be a very large part of it.  It all depends on who you are, your circumstances, your tribe and your talents, and so on.

If you are seeing the need to develop your home for resilience purposes, we can help.  We will never dictate a path, or play the expert designers with the answers.  We will simply offer our experience and insight, collaborate with you on strategies, and use our skills to bring concept to reality.

While our specialty is resilience and adaptive design, we are also beholden to beauty and functionality, as equally important design aspirations. You won't find any concrete bunker mentality here.

Please be aware that when we design houses, it is to concept stage only. We don't handle the more technical drawings required for building and compliance processes.  We draw this line because houses can be all-consuming, and we feel we have much more to offer, in other areas of life, than architecture alone.

That said, we take the process of concept drawing very seriously, and will make as many iterations as you need to find the right design.

We are also dedicated students of landscape, gardening, agriculture and permaculture, and will gladly turn our attention to the potential of your property.  You should also know that the ultimate for us is to be asked for design effort toward land and house and outbuildings as one unbroken system for resilience.

Of course, any isolated part of a home system is also fair game.  There is no minimum, nothing beneath attention, and every effort toward resilience and adaptation is worthwhile. For smaller home projects outside the realm of property design, houses and substantial outbuildings, see our page on Structures & Systems.

You may also decide to engage us for a broader overview, to strategise about life as a whole.  In which case, slide over to Resilience consultancy and read the material there.

For any and all of the above, get in touch and we can talk.