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We Are Humans Project was built to create and support good relationships, primarily locally to us, here in Tasmania, Australia, but also across cultures, diverse places and their people, and the bio-regions of the world.

The purpose of those relationships is to care for each other as kindred humans, and care for each other’s foundational landscapes, the biotic context of life.

Specifically, we, the people who make up this enterprise, take as our immediate purpose the creation of deep community resilience and adaptation to systemic change—climate change, eco-functional change, economic and cultural unravelling, and other big changes in the world.

But our longer term purpose takes a little explaining:

We Are Humans Project is built on the premise that true sustainability is an emergent phenomenon, best sought through our immediate and urgent need for adaptive change and more humane social systems, by a process of deep thinking and collective, creative action.

We take as a given that the human species is not inherently destructive, is in fact fundamentally biophilic, and by nature a catalyst of ecosystem health.

Therefore, we look not to a mitigation of human damage, but to a transformation of our culture and practices, into a more deeply human paradigm. That human paradigm, we believe, naturally holds the regeneration and care of Earth as its true calling.

Our larger, longer purpose is to help catalyse that transformation.


Our social contract in the current economy

We Are Humans Project is a Social Enterprise.  While this may mean that the world sees us as ‘for profit’, our true function is ‘for relationships’, ‘for adaptive change’, and ‘for human evolution and a better, more humane world’.  Profit is sought for, and mobilised to, those purposes.

Explicitly, we do not seek relationships for the purpose of profit alone. Relationships are purpose enough, profits are not.

We do, however, embrace profit-making as a part of our relationships, as a healthy aspect of mutual support, in service to the larger whole.

We were founded on the premise that economics can be based on love and care, mutual regard, respect and support.  This too, we believe, is what human cultures are meant to look like, and we are here to be a part of that evolution.




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