the source of life

While the health of your soil is crucial to the success of your food garden, and deserves care in the starting process, please don't fret about what you do or don't have on your site.

Yes, you will need vibrant, alive soil to grow tasty food, but what you start with is, oddly, not all that important.  Soil will respond to your efforts.  It almost has a will to become what you want it to be.  We simply need to set off in the right direction with it and give it what it wants.

Over the course of becoming a food gardener, you will need to become almost obsessed with soil.  You certainly need to love it, appreciate it, and be continually tending to it.  But we will get to those fertility-building processes in the skills part.

For now, we will work together to come up with a pragmatic soil strategy, and implement it with the help of the working party.  We'll look for a starting strategy that is cost effective, uses available resources well, and is suitable for your site.

Then we will set you up with the knowledge and resources you'll need to become a superlative steward of your soil.