This might seem like a strange service for a start-up to offer, possibly even creepy to commercialise something so fundamental to human relationships.

Yes, we get that.  It's all part of the deeply problematic world we live in.  This could be yet another example of converting what belongs to the commons—the rich world of freely shared resources—into a commodity.

But its a service we desperately want to offer all the same. So we decided to stay alert to that tension and offer it up, fully conscious, eyes open.  Here's a few reasons why:

  • Strangely, in this hyper-connected world, it can be difficult to connect with people on these deeper issues, to find people who will sit courageously with what it means to you, warts and all, darkness and light. That’s not right, we want to change that.
  • We would have loved, in our own journeys to this point, to connect strongly with professionals who have given these things deep and committed consideration. It’s a chance to give what we now have.
  • We want to meet you too. We are all about community—building it, looking after it, enhancing its resilience and loveliness. We want to make quality relationships with people who care as much as we do.

For us, its all a part of re-thinking our economic lives, to better align with our values.  We would love to spend our days lifting up our fellow humans and helping them grapple with the world at large and what the future holds. If in the future we can do that without the problematic influence of commercial exchange, we will all celebrate.

Alternatively, or concurrently perhaps, we can make the economic exchange less problematic, more lovely.

That's part of the reason we're committed to principles of gift economy exchange. They make these arrangements more human, more likeable, richer in substance and style.

Follow this path to find out how we do our Solidarity service in the gift economy.