Starting strong…

...while being able to adapt to change.

It could be tempting, if you want to keep your gardening project small and highly adaptable, to make temporary structures that aren't designed to be particularly robust.  If they're not permanent, why go to the effort of making them strong?

While we understand the idea, we don't recommend that approach.  It's always surprising how long you end up using your 'temporary' arrangement.  And you never know how much you might need to rely on what you've built.  Poorly built structures are simply a liability, at best always reminding you that you'll need to redo them at some point, at worst creating constant repair and modification work.

We'll design a structure with you, to suit your life and your place. If we go for a highly flexible, adaptable approach, we'll likely go for modular panels, that can be taken down and reassembled in different ways.  But that doesn't mean they'll be flimsy.  Whatever we build, we'll build it to be relied upon.  If we go for a more permanent structure, it will be even more robust, but not excessively so, and definitely not expensively so.

There's a happy balance in all things.

Talk to us if you have any questions.