Starting supported…

...but designed for solo maintenance.

Many of us want to do things for ourselves, and that's admirable. We support that desire, because the reality is that a sustainable food growing project often needs to be maintainable by one or two people.

But when it comes to starting food gardens, we recommend a social approach.

We recommend you bring together your friends, your family and any other good and willing humans, have a party, eat great food, and make light work with many hands.

Particularly when it comes to structures, getting started can be costly.  Our systems are designed to be built using a combination of unskilled labour and skilled guidance.  This keeps the starting investment far more reasonable than it would otherwise be.

We'll organise the event, procure the materials and guide the process, but it's your network who will get the work done.  Some people think this is us looking for free labour, but this is not done for our benefit—it would likely be much simpler to work alone. We do it this way to manage the overall cost, bring people together, and build community.

We believe this way of working is possibly the way of the future. Highly skilled tradespeople doing all the unskilled work is a luxury the future may not be able to afford.

And as a massive bonus, this is hands-down the most fun way of getting your food growing project off the ground.

Talk to us if you have any questions.