Structures and systems

Design and construction of resilience infrastructure.

What is this service?

There are so many projects that can improve our resilience and make us more adaptive to the times we live in—almost too many to name.

Many of them require structures and almost all of them are a system, or part of a system of some kind.  If its home-scale adaptive behaviour, we've likely been involved in a version of it: building garden enclosures, greenhouses, shade-houses, raised beds, wood-core beds and worm farms, trellises and terraces, compost bays and container gardens... Building chicken runs and chicken tractors and chicken houses, quail houses and quail tractors, poultry breeding set-ups... Other kinds of animal enclosures and fencing and rotation systems... Orchard enclosures and tree systems and nut groves... Wood sheds and wood-harvesting/wood-burning systems... Rainwater harvesting and storage systems...

And so on...

We like to remind people that this kind of thing is not the be-all and end-all of home resilience.  There are equally vital projects that are far more abstract or ineffable—building personal sovereignty or mindfulness, maybe.  Or administrative projects, like emergency planning or financial buffering.  Or being there for a friend, making time for community.

But all that said, structures and systems are noble pursuits, and downright fun. When they're well-chosen and well-integrated, physical systems like this, with their accompanying structures, can take you a long way in life, provide joy and nourishment, and change your life for the better.

Clearly, this kind of work is also vastly improved by good design thinking.  Structures and systems benefit, in themselves, from careful design, but also from quality thinking about how they fit into the larger systems they are nested within.

We love this kind of work. While we do have a limit to the scale we are prepared to tackle—we generally don't do commercial projects, for example—there is probably no project too humble.

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