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This service is about what you need, in the here and now.

Do you just need to talk with another human, in a safe psychological space, about what’s happening to the world? If you are cognizant of the intense danger of climate change, do you need to sift through possibilities of what might be a sane response?

If you are aware of the possibility of collapse, on any level—economic, societal, or earth systems collapse—do you need some company to help connect with the enormity of that? Or make some sense of your place in that situation?

Whatever it might be, we are here to help. Specifically, this is a one-on-one conversation with Andy Wildman, Director of We Are Humans Project, in a quiet place, either in person, if you are local to us, or in a video call.

Andy has been working, researching and thinking in this space for close to a decade, and is in conversation with people on the topic, around the world, on a near-daily basis.  But while the ability to hold and deepen such conversations might be important, we hold to a desire to bring you more fundamental supports:

Get in touch if you'd like to know more. We'd love to hear from you.

This is NOT a mental health service, as we are not qualified to take care of anyone whose mental health is under threat. While we feel for you deeply, if that’s the case, we would need to refer you to someone who knows the danger signs and path to recovery. If you are part of our community here in Tasmania, we can refer you to wonderful mental health practitioners who know the psychology of climate change and collapse awareness. But if you are elsewhere in the world, we may not be able to find a nearby, qualified person. If you feel at all vulnerable, we urge you to research possible help sooner than later.


We always do this with new people. We want to know that we can provide something you need. No cost, no obligation, just find out if the service is right for you.

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