Uneventful times

Jokes aside, there is an obvious need right now to hold off on any face-to-face events we might want to stage.

When life becomes less socially distanced, we’ll be looking again to get together and do what humans do best – hang out, relate, work side by side.

If you’re in Southern Tasmania, you might like to keep in touch and keep an ear open for these things coming back into the realm of the possible.

These are some of the things we’ve been planning:


The world is burning campfire conversations. 

The plan is to get together in the evenings, once a month outside bushfire season, in a spot to be announced, but most likely somewhere in the Huon Valley, light a campfire and talk.

The conversations will be structured but fluid, open and inclusive, supportive and tolerant.  The idea is to discuss some of the darker aspects of future probability with light hearts. We aim to bring joy and humanity to troublesome predicaments, air fears and share hopes.

We’ll curate a discussion structure on social media in the month leading up to it, getting your input and sifting thoughts, with the aim that the discussions really go somewhere.

With luck and goodwill, together maybe we’ll bring some insight to bear on good local responses to global predicaments.


Boots on the watershed – eco-literacy walks for the ecologically curious

We’re looking for ecologically knowledgeable souls to lead walking-and-talking expeditions into local watersheds, helping us understand our local ecology better so that we can move toward better stewardship as a community.

These will be small groups and will consume most of a day out and about in the bush.  The aim is to increase our ecological literacy so that we can better integrate our actions into the health of the natural systems that support us.


If any of these things takes your interest, if you have skills that could feed into these events, or would just like to know when they eventually happen, get in touchOr otherwise, register your interest


Yours, for now, uneventfully,

The WAHP team.