Wildness, in whatever form it comes—a remote, raw landscape; a moment of vertiginous insight or emotion; an encounter with a creature in which visceral life, either theirs or yours, is momentarily exposed—wildness can be ultra-intrusive, shock-inducing, humbling. It can also be peaceful and sweet to the point of tears.

It certainly has ways with the apple-cart of controlled existence that we don't always expect.  What could be more instructive?

But its not clear, at least not to us, where exactly wildness fits in a resilient, adaptive life.  Perhaps it fits nowhere in particular, but demands a different question to explain its compelling importance.

Wildcard is our name for a section of our offerings that has no logical category, no simple place in the line-up of resources we're building.  Its here to give voice to a search for those questions, wanderings and submersions into wild spaces and moments.  It will be presented in any format—audio, written, visual—that it inspires, and posted at any time.  Don't look for any regularity here.

However it comes, we hope you like it.